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Festival Highlights

This year's festival will be held on Friday, May 12, 2017 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.The Festival features many innovative components all designed to enhance the ability and careers of Cumberland County Young Artists and to promote the importance of arts education in our schools. Students and arts teachers participating in the Festival will be offered:
  • Student Exhibits & Performances
  • Student Critiques
  • Student Workshops
Following is a brief description of each of these major components:

Student Exhibits & Performances

The Festival will feature student visual art exhibits (2-D, 3-D & photography) and student performances in dance, theatre (large and small groups), musical theatre, vocal choral music, solo & small ensemble vocal performances, large & small instrumental performances, samples of creative writing & student-produced videos.

The artwork will be on display during the entire festival. The work will represent the very best of Cumberland County teen artists.

Student Critiques

The Cumberland County Teen Arts Festival is not a competition. Performances will not be compared or ranked in any way. Instead, the focus will be on sharing achievements and learning. All student work at the Festival will be publicly critiqued by professional artist adjudicators, both verbally and in writing.

Students receive critiques of their work and often “sit-in” on the critiques of other emerging artists in their discipline, increasing their educational experience. The professional artist/adjudicators at the Festival will provide in-depth critical reviews and analysis of the students’ works, performances and group presentations — a process that all students report to be most beneficial to their growth as artists.

Students who excel in their particular art form are selected to be sent to the state level. Only students who are invited to participate can be adjudicated by state level judges. For more information on the NJ State Teen Arts Festival, visit here. Scholarships are available on the state level.

Because of the importance of the critique to the success of the Festival, all Festival adjudicators will receive training in assessing student performances.

Student Workshops

Teaching artists come to adjudicate, as well as to teach workshops and master classes in their individual specialties, including drama, filmmaking, voice, acting, instrumental music, creative writing and more.

The workshops and master classes help students develop perceptual, intellectual and technical skills; gain cultural awareness and understanding of various art forms; and develop personal aesthetic values. All Cumberland County students attending the Festival may participate in these workshops and classes.

Student Workshops will focus on three areas:
  1. Student Master Classes: Workshops which offer in depth arts training in a student’s chosen field.
  2. Artistic Enhancement: A wide range of hands-on experiences in a variety of art forms providing students an opportunity to explore and learn about art forms they may not be familiar with.

Professional Development Workshops for Arts Teachers

These workshops may be available. Stay tuned for more information.

College Fair

Representatives from colleges and universities that have majors in creative or performing arts will have information booths at the Cumberland County Festival. Students will be free to review their materials and question the education institutions about their programs and scholarship opportunities. (To Be Confirmed)